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WHERE : Wiesbaden Rheingauviertel, Germany - the capital of the Hessen


WHENAUTUMN 2024, exact dates to be announced. 

WHAT : Altered Dimensions, Altered States [ADAS ] - Eine Konzertreihe is a series of avant-garde concerts. We have invited eight composers to create works specifically for this concert series. Each composition, lasting 8-12 minutes, is crafted with to promote health, wellness, and personal transformation. The composers are encouraged to integrate innovative sound healing techniques such as isochronic tones, polyrhythm, unconventional instruments and sound sources such as ethnic instruments, synthesizers, electronics, crystal bowls, custom percussions, etc.

Each concert will feature between one to four composers presenting and performing their works live. The event will employ a multichannel speaker setup to create an immersive auditory environment. Visual elements such as water cymatics ,cellular projections, and lights will enhance the sensory experience.

By combining cutting-edge sound healing practices with artistic expression, Altered Dimensions, Altered States [ADAS ] - Eine Konzertreihe aims to offer a transformative and mind-altering experience, fostering a sense of community and collective aspiration, while innovating a new kind of concert experience that enriches the local music scene.

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WHY : In the modern era, our daily lives are inundated with vast amounts of information, often disconnecting us from nature and causing our minds to become distracted and fragmented and impacting our physical health. It is more important now than ever for individuals and communities to band together and tend to our mental health. By innovating a new kind of concert experience that combines aesthetic sensory elements with focused intention, Altered Dimensions, Altered States [ADAS ] - Eine Konzertreiheaims to introduce a transformative experience through healing soundscape concerts while promoting new music and raising awareness for alternative healing methods and fostering a sense of community.

Sound healing is an ancient therapeutic practice that uses sound waves to induce mental and body healing states. Sound frequencies, such as those produced by crystal bowls, gongs, and tuning forks, can affect physiological functions by synchronizing brainwaves and promoting relaxation. This practice is rooted in various traditions, including Tibetan singing bowls, Aboriginal didgeridoos, and Gregorian chants.

Modern research supports the efficacy of sound healing. Scalar waves and Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves (TBSW) are particularly effective in creating altered brainwave states like theta, which is associated with deep relaxation, creativity, intuition and meditation. Studies show that sound frequencies can enhance cellular health, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. For example, research on sonocytology, the study of cell sound frequencies, demonstrates that healthy cells emit distinct resonant frequencies, while distressed cells produce different sounds. This knowledge underpins the use of specific frequencies to promote health and healing.

We aim to take a different approach by combining the science in this field and adding the aesthetic, intention, and artistic prowess of the composers we have invited. This combination creates a new kind of concert experience that transcends traditional meditative music, offering a richer and more diverse auditory journey.


Ann Wichmann

Anne Wichmann aka She's Excited! is a musician, producer and sound artist based in NYC and Munich. As a certified Yoga teacher she became more and more curious about the healing power of sound. Four years ago she started composing meditative music mixing binaural beats with electronic music as well as experimenting with sound baths using the 4D Sound software.

Conrad Schuman

Conrad Schuman is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer and artist of Beautiful Machines. Schuman’s career began at a young age, exploring sounds in classical, pop, rock, progressive and experimental music - seeking to create emotional experiences. In San Francisco, Schuman formed electro-synth-pop group, Beautiful Machines, and gained national, then international recognition with a series of singles and albums, taking the group on tour in the US and Europe. In 2015 Schuman co-founded Momenta Music, later becoming Music Mechanique - a boutique music production company composing music for media for notable brands such as Google, Xfinity, Nissan, Nvidia and VMWare. Currently Schuman works from his musical laboratory in Germany with little musical machines and continues to experiment and create music and is currently working on an upcoming concept album.

Stefanie Ku

Stefanie Ku is an intermedia artist. Born in Taiwan and raised in California, she is now a residence of Wiesbaden Germany. Her artistic expression is grounded yet cosmic, featuring technology, sound, vibration, healing, communication, richly imaginative imagery and inner landscapes. Stefanie branched out from a classical music performance and composition background while pursuing an interdisciplinary master of arts degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and have since been performing in various international new media festivals (Boom Festival – Portugal, Burning Man – Black Rock City, Sounding Taipei – Taipei, Consciousness Reframed – Beijing, Get It Louder – Shanghai, Sonoimágenes – Buenos Aires) as well as throughout the United States west coast. She is a core member of Beautiful Machines, an electronic rock music group.

Stephanie Smit - Giek_1

Giek_1, a cosmic voyager, delves into the spiritual realm to channel art and insights. Embodying wisdom from past lives, she intertwines disciplines as an interdisciplinary artist, performer and healer. Themes of self-destruction, addiction, laws of the universe and spiritual awakening permeate her work, inviting audiences to transport to alternate realities and reconsider their existence. With expertise in astrology, tarot, past lives and energyhealing, Giek_1 guides humanity towards self-discovery and embracing their life purpose through alternate realities and profound healing journeys.

Cobi Van Tonder |

Cobi van Tonder is a South African composer, media artist and research fellow in acoustics, currently based between Venice, Italy and Berlin, Germany. Her music, sound art and installation works revolve around drone music, field recordings, vocal and instrumental elements. The audio-physical aspects of listening and relationships between body, space and sound are central to her projects. She has been awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship for her project ACOUSTIC ATLAS - Cultivating the Capacity to Listen, and completed a PhD in Music Composition in Ireland, an MFA Art Practice degree at Stanford, USA; and a BHons in Music in History and Society (Musicology) at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Pina Bettina Ruecker

Pina Bettina Rücker is a musician and sound artist who has been exploring the musical possibilities of quartz glass bowls for over a decade. She developed these Czochralski crucibles from the semiconductor industry into a musical instrument and made a decisive contribution to its recognition in the music world. In her solo projects, such as "wunderkammer", she combines historical melodies with modern technology to create a unique space-time aspect that unites the past and the future. Her music explores the diversity of the human experience and can be heard in churches, clubs and at festivals of various genres. She works stylistically with very different artists. She has contributed to the release of seven CD productions. With her work, Pina Rücker aims to create a fascinating soundscape that interweaves cultural and technological elements and seeks new paths in music.

Susana Lopez

A sound and visual artist based in Spain with a background in audiovisual media, and a deep focus on sound art. Her work is developed in different practices such as abstract compositions, audiovisual installations, and immersive concerts. Her approach to audio art begins by working with sound and light, and exploring how these unseen elements can transform space, time, and our experience inside them. With eight albums released such as The Edge of the Circle (2022, Elevator Bath, Austin, Texas) or Crónica de un secuestro (2020, Elevator Bath, Austin, Texas), this was Top Ten Drone International according to A Closer Listen. Since 2009, she has composed experimental, electronic, ambient, drone, and post-minimalist music by combining field recordings, synthesizers, and layers of vocal harmonics, creating dense clouds of hypnotic sound.

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