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STEFANIE KU is a California-based intermedia artist and coach. As an adventurer exploring altered states of consciousness, peak awareness, and various connections with self, guidance and the divine, Stefanie serves by integrating all her gifts and visions from the dimensionless into a form of artistic expression and contribution that is grounded yet cosmic, featuring technology, sound, vibration, healing, communication, richly imaginative imagery and inner landscapes.


As an artist, Stefanie holds an interdisciplinary master of arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and has performed in various international new media festivals (Boom Festival – Portugal, Burning Man – Black Rock City, Sounding Taipei – Taipei, Consciousness Reframed – Beijing, Get It Louder – Shanghai, Sonoimágenes – Buenos Aires) as well as throughout the United States west coast. She is a core member of Beautiful Machines, a cinematic-electronic music group. 


As a coach and healer, Stefanie's core mission is to serve the artist community by facilitating ways towards greater truth, alignment, and living an embodied life. Her spiritual quest has led to studies and exchanges with healers and coaches around the world of various modalities and shamanic lineages. Stefanie is the co-founder of a hybrid music and creative business accelerator for independent music artists, and an active participant in a number of Bay Area and international communities with a focus on wellness, futurism, radical transformation and leading edge ideas. 


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